Tractebel officially reaccredited to determine wind energy potential

Anyone investing in a wind power project wants assurance that it will pay off. Our experts are officially approved to forecast wind potential and energy yield at sites across the globe.

Tractebel has been officially authorized to assess the potential of wind power sites according to international standards on a global scale. Prior to designating a wind power site, our renewable energy experts can determine wind potential and calculate energy yields from wind turbines. The German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) recently approved the renewal of Tractebel’s qualification to do so as per global regulatory and legal standards.

Yield forecasts according to international quality standards

The wind potential and energy yield forecasts that Tractebel prepares worldwide on behalf of clients are an essential part of project pre-planning. Assessments are based on wind conditions at the respective locations. All processes, from the request for quote to the data evaluation and the report form, are ISO DIN 17025-regulated. As our teams also follow the specifications of Technical Guideline 6 of the Fördergesellschaft Windenergie (FGW; a global renewable energy standardization organization), our assessments also meet this internationally recognized quality standard.

The procedure used by our team of experts to prepare the yield assessments has been approved since 2007.

Regular audits, such as that recently (and successfully) completed, ensure the current state of science and technology as well as the ongoing validity of the DAkkS accreditation. Approval requires a high degree of transparency, compliance and ethics, cornerstones of all our projects. To ensure the success of renewable energy projects worldwide, our team constantly puts its methods and technologies to the test, adapts them to the latest findings and continuously develops new tools.

Measurement data is crucial to determining a wind power site. By using wind measuring masts, as shown above, this data is collected and evaluated by our experts.

“Our accreditation creates confidence among clients, investors and banks. This promotes investments in wind energy projects, thus contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions. The gradual replacement of fossil fuels also reduces local dependence on international suppliers, which remains excessive in many countries.”