Improving drinking water and environmental protection in China

Adaptation to climate change, access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities for over 100 villages in Pingjiang County: Our experts from Tractebel GKW are providing China with consulting advice on dealing with disaster risk on the Miluo River in Hunan.

Time and again in the rainy season, the sewers in this river region threaten to overflow, putting the drinking water supply at risk and causing environmental pollution. With the construction of waterworks and supply pipes coupled with the separation of the rainwater and sewage water systems in Pingjiang County, help is on the way for 107 villages in 14 townships and the city of Pingjiang itself. In a further 21 villages in 12 townships, our experts are also addressing sewage treatment in rural areas. They have been commissioned by the administration of the Pingjiang County in the Province of Hunan in the People’s Republic of China together with project partners Sachsen Wasser GmbH and North China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd.

The objective of the project is environmental protection and adaptation to climate change in the Miluo river basin. Another of its aims is to improve urban and rural living conditions and make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the Pingjiang County. The project is comprised of five outputs and is being financed by the German development bank KfW, the ADB and funds from domestic sources.

Three sub-projects for drinking water and sanitation

Our consulting services cover three sub-projects falling under output 2, revolving around the establishment of access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities:

  • Construction of a waterworks and supply of clean drinking water
  • Separation of rainwater and sewage water pipelines, to prevent the overflow of the sewers during the rainy season
  • Establishment of rural sewage treatment services for households in over 20 villages in 12 townships, 136 schools in 23 towns and 26 clinics in 20 towns

Complex package of services

Our team is responsible for technical consulting services to the client and their local planners and designers, including tender agents and site construction supervisors. The experts will provide support in updating the master plan for the Urban Sewerage System, assess the draft concepts and designs and check the tender documents through to the contract award stage. In addition, they are monitoring construction, are responsible for contract management and the review of change orders, providing support on commissioning and checking defect liability. Furthermore, they are the contact for questions around ecology, social issues, and health and safety (ESHS).

Our experts are also providing assistance to operators of sewage works in the form of training needs analysis and the provision of theoretical and practical training courses. The project began in September 2021 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2027.

“We are delighted to be able to contribute our expertise to improving the living conditions of more than one million people in the southern central region of China and at the same time deliver valuable services for environmental protection.”