An intern’s path towards smarter everyday life

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Since I was a child, I have always wondered how and where do we get electric power? With this curiosity, I decided to go electric and now I am part of the Smart Grid revolution. The world is becoming smarter, so gaining work experience as an intern during your studies will boost your employability and make you the survivor of the fittest. As I believe internship is one of the key experiences during student life, I choose to be an intern at Tractebel to start my professional career and now I am an intern for the project “Smart Grid LAB Hessen”.
Life as a virtual intern

The years 2020 and early 2021 were not easy for anybody and were undoubtedly strange and challenging ones. Although I did most of my work from the comfort of my home since we were banned from entering office premises, I never felt I was left home alone because my colleagues gave me a very distinct, creative, and supportive virtual environment that I highly admire. They also went the extra mile to check and make sure I was settling in well during the peak COVID times, which felt like I was in the right place.

Smart Grid – The chronicle of the energy world

The conventional power system is being modernized by adapting to huge changes in digital technologies. These new technologies make the grid ever smarter by improving its current performance. As an innovative infrastructure, Smart Grid now revolutionizes the power system with integrated information and communication systems by offering improved monitoring, control, and protection to enhance system efficiency, reliability, security, transparency while minimizing energy consumption and cost. A smart grid also incorporates many different components but, unlike a conventional grid, it automatically optimizes the functions of its interconnected components.

As an intern, I was primarily assigned for some of the responsibilities in one of our hot & exciting projects, “Smart Grid LAB Hessen”. Why not join us to find out more about the project?

Smart Grid LAB Hessen

The Smart Grid LAB is being set up by Tractebel and other partners to test active control processes in the intelligent power grid and all necessary functionalities under real-world scenarios. Tractebel will be contributing its own experience from international energy infrastructure projects and ensure that the results of the Smart Grid LAB Hessen research can be transferred to national and international grid scenarios. Read more: Smart Grid Lab testing the power grid of the future | Tractebel (

What is my role as an intern?

As an intern, I was assigned to one of our work packages in the Smart Grid LAB to write a series of white papers on the Smart Grid components. It was exciting to learn how Smart Grid components work and how we can integrate them into the grid to build a modernized smart power system. I was also allowed to attend numerous stakeholder meetings, Hessen LAB consortium members meetings, external seminars, and platforms on the Smart Grid, which increased my attention and triggered ideas to create a better and reliable grid.

Do grid components really speak?

The grid components are the backbone of the smarter grid and yes, they “speak” to each other to make the power system smarter and more interesting. One interesting study was conducted to show how a system of components works together by enabling different functions which either benefit the grid directly or operate together with other components to benefit the grid. In this case the grid components were reviewed in detail by understanding the requirements of each technology and its benefits towards the grid.

The grid modernization strategy or roadmap has become a prime target for many different economic countries. One of my challenges was therefore to create a roadmap for the modernization and classification active countries by case, studying different countries according to a grid maturity model.

The end of my intern road

The journey to a great internship is never easy. However, it is “One Golden Shot” to your future if you get to do your internship at the right place and under the right supervision. To say the least, I am happy and proud to be part of the Tractebel energy family, who helped me to expand my potential by broadening my horizons.
My mantra: “Nothing is impossible in life”; it just takes the right attitude with the aptitude to delve deeper and explore this rapidly growing field of Smart Grid. This positive attitude at the start of my intern journey has made me a better person, not only professionally.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who supported me and gave me an opportunity to see the real world during my internship. At Tractebel, you can shape both your own future, and that of the energy future.

Now that you have read my story, when can I read yours?

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  1. Dear Danabal, I am glad to hear that your focus is on working in achieving “energy for all” in a smart way. We need such inspired minds! Have a good continuation. Best, Ralf

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