KfW Energy Week 2021 – Digital Conference

23. – 26. March 2021

Palmengartenstraße 5-9, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

On 25 March from 11:00 – 12:30 CET, Tractebel energy expert Dr. Luca Pizzimbone will present our solutions for the modified implementation of variable renewable energies in fragile states.

Renewable energies are the fastest-growing energy generation technologies in the world, and their use is on the rise across the globe as a key factor in reversing climate change. In his presentation, Dr. Luca Pizzimbone will present advanced methods of analysis for the integration of renewable energy based on probability analysis. He will explain why this approach is particularly suitable for fragile and conflict-affected countries.

As power systems change, the way in which we analyse them also changes. The methodology presented by our expert examines the planning risks related to uncertainties with the aid of probability calculations and systems analysis. This illustrates one of the many possibilities of advanced power system analysis aided by computer simulation tools in combination with computer coding.

Tractebel is exploring the possibilities offered by open-source scientific software in combination with PowerFactory software for modelling power supply systems and other network simulation tools. “We look at problems from a new perspective, adapting our mindset and shaping the tools to respond to the challenges of our ever-changing world,” says Dr. Luca Pizzimbone, describing the approach taken by the project team.