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At Tractebel, all our energy projects are complex, containing and generating a huge amount of data. It is a major challenge to keep teams and stakeholders up to date with the latest information. Timely evaluation of information to improve project decision-making and results is crucial. BIM is the appropriate and most powerful digital solution!

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology to gather, store and manage data based on a 3D model of the asset. With its roots in the construction industry, BIM is spreading across sectors. It enables users to work smarter in a connected team with greater project visibility, control and reduced risk.

BIM benefits

BIM offers several key advantages that deliver real competitive advantage to our clients.

  • Improve quality. BIM improves the quality of design, planning, construction and operation. Virtual design and construction are complete before anything is built in reality. This way, clashes are identified and resolved at low cost in the model, instead of on site.
  • Work smarter. Compared to the conventional workflow, BIM shifts design thinking to earlier project phases. It empowers us to take decisions earlier where we have a bigger influence at lower cost. By linking the BIM model to the time schedule and cost estimate, we can make more informed and smart decisions.
  • Avoid misunderstandings. Everyone can understand a 3D model that transparently communicates essential information among all parties. With real-time updates, we can rely on its accuracy and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Reduce risk of data loss. When moving from one project phase to the next, data can be lost. BIM minimises this risk by capturing and preserving all data from a single source, storing it on a secure digital platform.
  • Gain new perspectives. By virtual reality applications, BIM allows for the presentation and review of projects in completely new ways. Virtual and augmented reality can also be used for training and operation.
  • Go beyond construction. We create a digital twin of the asset by following the model throughout all project phases. This digital twin can be used for operation, maintenance, training and simulations.

BIM provides benefits throughout the whole life cycle of an asset.

BIM Lifetime Cycle

Get BIM for your project

At Tractebel, we offer our clients to realise their projects according to BIM standard technology and work processes. It makes everyone’s lives easier because what you see is what you get!

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