The Future is International

The international presence of the engineering consultancy Tractebel

Successful companies are international.

Think about the world’s most successful companies. How are they different from companies of the past, or from their modern competitors? Can a company be successful if their market is restricted? Can a company be successful if their resource pool and strategy are limited?

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple, have connected people from around the world, with high tech goods and seemingly unlimited information at ever increasing speeds. These companies do not limit their customers, markets, or employees.

Resources are international.

Not all countries are created equal. In the energy industry it is easy to see that some countries have oil, some do not. Some have sun, wind, biomass, or human capital, others have less. We drink coffee from Brazil, drive with middle eastern oil, and call our friends with a phone manufactured in China and designed in USA. Each company in this chain has become successful by realizing the differences of each country and capitalizing on those differences.

Be part of the future.

At Lahmeyer I am based in Germany, but I have never worked on a German project. I have drank tea with Bedouins, discussed financial models with French bankers and contracts with English lawyers, compared project plans with South Africans, and proofread designs with Moroccans. Projects are cutting edge, but they must utilize all resources that they can to be profitable.

Drinking Tea with Bedouins
Drinking Tea with Bedouins

Companies can gain success by leveraging their relative advantage in certain markets. It is clear that Mercedes will not stop selling cars in Asia, and Facebook will not close access in Latin America.

Likewise, to achieve individual success one must connect with the world to realize your own potential. Lahmeyer is focused on developing high tech solutions in a world that is ever more connected, by being more connected. What about you?

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